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  • Welcome to the Spring 2017 semester of CGT 456!: Things in the weekly layout will be changing this semester including new labs... Please don't save or print anything yet. The syllabus is pretty accurate, but the dates need to be changed. [ Link ]
  • Free Microsoft Software: You can get almost anything from Microsoft for free. http://purdue.onthehub.com [ Link ]
  • This course is only offered during the Spring semester.: [ Link ]
  • Expanded Description of the Course: Click the link to view Professor Glotzbach's Description of the Course. In CGT 456 (Advanced Web Programming, Development, and Data Integration), in addition to developing advanced web programming abilities using ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server, you will create mobile web applications. As such, you will be given a PDA to use for the semester and develop web applications that will run on the PDA and cell phones. [ Link ]
  • The prerequisite for this course is CGT 356: If you have not already taken 356 (Web Programming, Development, and Data Integration), follow the link to view the weekly layout and course syllabus. [ Link ]
  • Purdue Calendar: Dates, Holidays, etc [ Link ]
  • Purdue University Academics - Course Information: Schedule of Classes (Course meeting day, time, and location) and Final Exam schedule, etc. [ Link ]

Course Management
Coordinator: Professor Ronald J. Glotzbach
Email: rjglotzbach@purdue.edu
Office: Knoy 319
Office Hours: T, Th 10:00-11:20

Ram Kartheek Kappagantula

Office Hours:
Fridays 9-1 and 2-4
in Knoy 204

For information contact: Professor R.J. Glotzbach

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Learn ASP.NET, Learn C#, Learn Web Design, Learn Usability