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  • Please watch the videos: When a video is provided with an assignment, it is expected that you watch the video as that content may not be covered during class, but you are still responsible for it. Many times, the videos show you exactly how to complete an assignment. Listen to what I am saying in the video because I am explaining not only how to do something, but also why it is being done that way. -- Keep in mind that software versions (IDE versions) change and update much faster than coding languages. It may be years before coding languages have any significant changes that affect our solutions. The software (IDE) used in a video is cosmetic and is not what you should be focused on; you should be focused on the content, that is, the code, how the code works, and how to create the solution. When the programming language changes, requiring significant changes in how the content is coded and created, then a new video will be made. However, superficial things like the IDE you are using now being newer than the IDE in a video will not warrant the additional time, money, and resources required to create a new video. [ Link ]
  • Free Microsoft Software: You can get almost anything from Microsoft for free. http://purdue.onthehub.com [ Link ]
  • About the Course: This course is front-end design and development using HTML5 and a lot of jQuery and CSS, including CSS3. It uses a lot of JavaScript and CSS to perform the same tasks that a program like Flash used to be used for. A heavy emphasis is placed on HTML5, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript. [ Link ]

Course Management
Coordinator: Professor Ronald J. Glotzbach
Email: rjglotzbach@purdue.edu
Office: Knoy 319
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For information contact: Professor R.J. Glotzbach

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CGT 356: Web Programming, Development, & Data Integration


Learn HTML5, Learn jQuery, Learn CSS, Learn Web Design, Learn User Experience